Area756.950 km²
Population16 746 491 inhabitants
Density22.1 inhab/km2
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Currency:Chilean peso (CLP)
Language (s):Spanish.
Formalities:No mandatory visa
Vaccines:No required vaccine
City January February March April May June July Août September October November December
The Chile Santiago
Hanga Roa
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History - geography - weather - climate - tourism

The geography of Chile is very particular, thin strip of land running on more than 4 000 km from North to South, leads naturally to a great diversity of climates (more or less strong insolation). Temperatures are increasing slowly from South to North, while scarce precipitation, very abundant in the South, when you go back to the North.


Thus, the South of the country knows an oceanic polar climate cool, very wet, while the North knows a temperate desert climate. The central area around the capital, enjoying, she, a Mediterranean climate. Isolated some 3,500 km from the coast of Chile, Easter Island enjoys a maritime climate with subtropical characteristics. Finally, remember that the Chile is in the southern hemisphere, and so the seasons are reversed compared to Europe.

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